Article 9A.

Children with Chemical Dependency.

115C-149. Policy. Chemically dependent children excluded from provisions of Article 9.

The General Assembly of North Carolina hereby declares that the policy of the State is to ensure that an appropriate education is provided for drug and alcohol addicted children; however, drug and alcohol addicted children are not "children with disabilities" within the meaning of G.S. 115C-106.3(1) unless because of some other condition they meet that definition. (1989, c. 316, s. 1; 2006-69, s. 3(c).)


115C-150. State Board to adopt rules.

The State Board of Education shall adopt rules to ensure that local school administrative units provide an appropriate education for drug and alcohol addicted children. (1989, c. 316.)


115C-150.1 through 115C-150.4. Reserved for future codification purposes.