Article 2.

When State Liable for Costs.

6-13. Civil actions by the State; joinder of private party.

In all civil actions prosecuted in the name of the State, by an officer duly authorized for that purpose, the State shall be liable for costs in the same cases and to the same extent as private parties. If a private person be joined with the State as plaintiff, he shall be liable in the first instance for the defendant's costs, which shall not be recovered of the State till after execution is issued therefor against such private party and returned unsatisfied. (Code, s. 536; Rev., s. 1259; C.S., s. 1236.)


6-14. Civil action by and against State officers.

In all civil actions depending, or which may be instituted, by any of the officers of the State, or which have been or shall be instituted against them, when any such action is brought or defended pursuant to the advice of the Attorney General, and the same is decided against such officers, the cost thereof shall be paid by the State Treasurer upon properly drawn warrants. (1874-75, c. 154; Code, s. 3373; Rev., s. 1260; C.S., s. 1237; 1971, c. 269, s. 4.)


6-15. Actions by State for private persons, etc.

In an action prosecuted in the name of the State for the recovery of money or property, or to establish a right or claim for the benefit of any county, city, town, village, corporation or person, costs awarded against the plaintiff shall be a charge against the party for whose benefit the action was prosecuted, and not against the State. (Code, s. 537; Rev., s. 1261; C.S., s. 1238.)


6-16. Repealed by Session Laws 1971, c. 269, s. 15.


6-17. Costs of State on appeals to federal courts.

In all cases, whether civil or criminal, to which the State of North Carolina is a party, and which are carried from the courts of this State, or from the district court of the United States, by appeal or writ of error, to the United States circuit court of appeals, or to the Supreme Court of the United States, and the State is adjudged to pay the costs, it is the duty of the Attorney General to certify the amount of such costs to the Treasurer, who shall pay them upon properly drawn warrants. (1871-2, c. 26; Code, s. 538; Rev., s. 1263; C.S., s. 1240; 1971, c. 269, s. 5.)


6-17.1. Costs and expenses of State in connection with federal litigation arising out of State cases.

In all cases of litigation in any court of the United States arising out of or by reason of any cases pending or tried in any court of the State of North Carolina, or in any action originally instituted in any court of the United States, the expenses for State court costs, securing of court records and transcripts, and other necessary expenses in representing the State of North Carolina or any of its departments, officials or agencies shall be allocated from and paid out of the State Contingency and Emergency Fund. (1963, c. 844.)