Article 5.

Aeronautics Commission; Federal Regulations.

63-38 through 63-44: Repealed by Session Laws 1949, c. 865, s. 1.


63-45. Enforcement of Article.

It shall be the duty of every State, county and municipal officer charged with the enforcement of State and municipal laws to enforce and assist in the enforcement of this Article. (1945, c. 198, s. 8.)


63-46. Repealed by Session Laws 1949, c. 865, s. 2.


63-47. Enforcement of regulations of Federal Aviation Administration.

In the general public interest and safety, the safety of persons receiving instructions concerning or operating, using or traveling in aircraft, and of persons and property on the ground, and in the interest of aeronautical progress, the public officers of the State, counties and cities shall enforce the rules and regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration. (1945, c. 198, s. 10; 2017-57, s. 34.21A.)