§ 1-228.  Regarded as a deed and registered.

Every judgment, in which the transfer of title is so declared, shall be regarded as a deed of conveyance, executed in due form and by capable persons, notwithstanding the want of capacity in any person ordered to convey, and shall be registered in the proper county, under the rules and regulations prescribed for conveyances of  similar property executed by the party. The party desiring registration of such judgment must produce to the register a copy thereof, certified by the clerk of the court in which it is enrolled, under the seal of the court, and the register shall record both the judgment and certificate. All laws which are passed for extending the time for registration of deeds include such judgments, provided the conveyance, if actually executed, would be so included. (1850, c. 107, ss. 2, 4; R.C., c. 32, ss. 25, 27; 1874-5, c. 17, ss. 2, 4; Code, ss. 427, 429; Rev., ss. 567, 568; C.S., s. 608.)