1-235. Of appellate division docketed in superior court; lien.

It is the duty of the appropriate clerk of the appellate division, on application of the party obtaining judgment in one of the courts of that division, directing in whole or in part the payment of money, or affecting the title to real estate, or on the like application of the attorney of record of said party, to certify under his hand and the seal of said court a transcript of the judgment, setting forth the title of the court, the names of the parties thereto, the relief granted, that the judgment was so rendered by said court, the amount and date of the judgment, what part thereof bears interest and from what time; and said clerk shall send such certificate and transcript to the clerk of the superior court of such counties as he is directed; and the clerk of the superior court receiving the certificate and transcript shall docket them in like manner as judgment rolls of the superior court are docketed. And when so docketed, the lien of said judgment is the same in all respects, subject to the same restrictions and qualifications, and the time shall be reckoned as is provided and prescribed in the preceding sections for judgments of the superior court, so far as the same are applicable. The party desiring the certificate and transcript provided for in this section may obtain them at any time after such judgment has been rendered, unless the appellate court otherwise directs. (1881, c. 75, ss. 1, 4; Code, s. 436; Rev., s. 575; C.S., s. 615; 1969, c. 44, s. 2.)