§ 1-237.  Judgments of federal courts docketed; lien on property; recordation; conformity with federal law.

Judgments and decrees rendered in the district courts of the United States within this State may be docketed on the judgment dockets of the superior courts in the several counties of this State for the purpose of creating liens upon property in the county where docketed; and when a judgment or decree is registered, recorded, docketed and indexed in a county in like manner as is required of judgments and decrees of the courts of this State, it shall become a lien and shall have all the rights, force and effect of a judgment or  decree of the superior court of said county. When a judgment roll of a district court is filed with the clerk of the superior court, the clerk shall docket it as judgments of the superior court are required to be docketed. It is the intent and purpose of this section to conform the State law to the requirements of the act of Congress entitled "An Act to Regulate the Liens on Judgments and Decrees of the Courts of the United States" being the act of August first, one thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight, Chapter seven hundred and twenty-nine. (1889, c. 439; Rev., s. 576; C.S., s. 616; 1943, c. 543.)