§ 1-339.73.  Ratification of certain sales held on days other than the day required by statute.

All sales made prior to March 2, 1939, under execution or by order of court on any day other than the first Monday in any month, or the first three days of a term of the superior court of said county are hereby validated, ratified and confirmed.

All sales or resales of real property made prior to March 30, 1939, under order of court on the premises or at the courthouse door in the  county in which all, or any part of the property, is situated, on any  day other than Monday in any month, are hereby validated, ratified and confirmed. (1876-7, c. 216, ss. 2, 3; 1883, c. 94, ss. 1, 2; Code, s.  454; Rev., s. 643; C.S., s. 690; 1931, c. 23; 1937, c. 26; 1939, cc. 71, 256; 1949, c. 719, s. 3.)