1-502. In what cases appointed.

A receiver may be appointed in any of the following cases:

(1) Before judgment, on the application of either party, when the party establishes an apparent right to property that is the subject of the action and in the possession of an adverse party, and the property or its rents and profits are in danger of being lost or materially injured or impaired; a receiver, however, shall not be appointed in cases where judgment upon failure to answer may be had on application to the court.

(2) After judgment, to carry the judgment into effect.

(3) After judgment, to dispose of the property according to the judgment, or to preserve it during the pendency of an appeal, or when an execution has been returned unsatisfied, and the judgment debtor refuses to apply the property in satisfaction of the judgment.

(4) Repealed by Session Laws 2021-93, s. 2, effective July 22, 2021.

(5) In cases where restitution is sought for violations of G.S. 75-1.1.

(6) In cases involving partition of real property, pursuant to G.S. 46A-28. (C.C.P., s. 215; 1876-7, c. 223; 1879, c. 63; 1881, c. 51; Code, s. 379; Rev., s. 847; C.S., s. 860; 1955, c. 1371, s. 3; 1973, c. 614, s. 3; 1981, c. 584, s. 2; 2020-23, ss. 6, 9; 2021-93, s. 2.)