§ 1-80.  Foreign corporations.

An action against a corporation created by or under the law of any other state or government may be brought in the appropriate trial court division of any county in which the cause of action arose, or in which the corporation usually did business, or has property, or in which the plaintiffs, or either of them, reside, in the following cases:

(1)        By a resident of this State, for any cause of action.

(2)        By a nonresident of this State in any county where he or they are regularly engaged in carrying on business.

(3)        By a plaintiff, not a resident of this State, when the cause  of action arose or the subject of the action is situated in this State. (C.C.P., s. 361; 1876-7, c. 170; Code, s. 194; Rev., s. 423; 1907, c. 460; C.S., s. 467; 1971, c. 268, s. 1.)