106-322.3. When indemnity payments not to be made.

No payments shall be made for any swine slaughtered in the following cases:

(1) If the owner does not clean up and disinfect premises as directed by an inspector of the Animal Health Division, Agricultural Research Service, United States Department of Agriculture or the State Veterinarian or his authorized representative;

(2) Where the owner has not complied with the livestock disease control laws and regulations applicable to hog cholera;

(3) For swine in a herd in which hog-cholera vaccine has been used illegally on one or more animals in the herd;

(4) Swine involved in an outbreak in which the existence of hog cholera has not been confirmed by the State Veterinarian or his authorized representative;

(5) Swine belonging to the United States or the State of North Carolina;

(6) Swine brought into the State in violation of State laws or regulations;

(7) Swine which the claimant knew to be affected with hog cholera, or had notice thereof, at the time they came into his possession;

(8) Swine which have not been within the State of North Carolina for at least 30 days prior to discovery of the disease;

(9) Where the owner does not use reasonable care in protecting swine from exposure to hog cholera;

(10) Where the owner has failed to submit the reports required by the United States Department of Agriculture and the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for animals on which indemnity is paid under Article 34.

(11) Swine purchased by a buying station for slaughter which are not slaughtered within 10 days of purchase. (1969, c. 525, s. 21/2; 1997-261, s. 51.)