108A-146.5. Aggregate assessment collection amount.

The aggregate assessment collection amount is an amount of money that is calculated by subtracting the intergovernmental transfer adjustment component under G.S. 108A-146.13 from the sum of all of the following:

(1) One-fourth of the State's annual Medicaid payment.

(2) The managed care component under G.S. 108A-146.7.

(3) The fee-for-service component under G.S. 108A-146.9.

(4) The GME component under G.S. 108A-146.11.

(5) Beginning April 1, 2022, and ending March 31, 2027, the postpartum coverage component under G.S. 108A-146.12.

(6) Beginning April 1, 2024, the home and community-based services component under G.S. 108A-146.12A. (2021-61, s. 2; 2021-180, s. 9D.13A(b).)