108A-27.3. Electing Counties - Duties of county boards of commissioners.

(a) The duties of the county boards of commissioners in Electing Counties under the Work First Program are as follows:

(1) Establish county outcome and performance goals based on county economic, educational, and employment factors and adopt criteria for determining the progress of the county in moving persons and families to self-sufficiency;

(2) Establish eligibility criteria for recipients except for those criteria related to sanctioning procedures mandated across the State pursuant to G.S. 108A-27.9(c);

(3) Prescribe the method of calculating benefits for recipients;

(4) Repealed by Session Laws 2009-489, s. 4, effective August 26, 2009.

(5) If made a part of the county's Work First Program, develop and enter into Mutual Responsibility Agreements with Work First Program recipients and ensure that the services and resources that are needed to assist participants to comply with the obligations under their Mutual Responsibility Agreements are available;

(6) Ensure that participants engage in the minimum hours of work activities required by Title IV-A;

(7) Consider providing community service work for any recipient who cannot find employment;

(8) Authorize payments of Work First Diversion Assistance and Work First Family Assistance to recipients having MRAs;

(9) Monitor compliance with Mutual Responsibility Agreements and enforce the agreement provisions;

(10) Repealed by Session Laws 2009-489, s. 4, effective August 26, 2009.

(10a) Ensure that all Work First cases are reviewed no later than three months prior to expiration of time limitations for receiving cash assistance to:

a. Ensure that time limitations on assistance have been computed correctly.

b. Ensure that the family is informed in writing about public assistance benefits, including child care, Medicaid, and food and nutrition services, for which the family is eligible even while cash assistance is no longer available.

c. Provide for an extension of cash assistance benefits if the family qualifies for an extension.

d. Review family status and assist the family in identifying resources and support the family needs to maintain employment and family stability.

(11) Ensure compliance with applicable State and federal laws, rules, and regulations for the Work First Program;

(12) Develop, adopt, and submit to the Department a biennial County Plan;

(13) Repealed by Session Laws 2009-489, s. 4, effective August 26, 2009.

(14) Develop and implement an appeals process for the county's Work First Program that substantially complies with G.S. 108A-79 and comply with the procedures related to sanctioning by the Department for all counties in the State pursuant to G.S. 108A-27.2 and prescribed as general provisions in the State Plan pursuant to G.S. 108A-27.9(c)(1).

(b) The county board of commissioners shall not delegate the responsibilities described in subdivisions (a)(1), (a)(11), and (a)(12) of this section but may delegate other duties to public or private entities. Notwithstanding any delegation of duty, the county board of commissioners shall remain accountable for its duties under the Work First Program.

(c) The county board of commissioners shall appoint a committee of individuals to identify the needs of the population to be served and to review and assist in developing the County Plan to respond to the needs. The committee membership shall include, but is not limited to, representatives of the county board of social services, the board of the area mental health authority, the local public health board, the local school systems, the business community, the board of county commissioners and community-based organizations representative of the population to be served.

(d) The county board of commissioners shall review and approve the County Plan for submission to the Department. (1997-443, s. 12.6; 1998-212, s. 12.27A(h); 1999-359, s. 5(a); 2007-97, s. 5; 2009-489, s. 4.)