108A-27.4. Electing Counties - County Plan.

(a) Each Electing County shall submit to the Department, according to the schedule established by the Department and in compliance with all federal and State laws, rules, and regulations, a biennial County Plan.

(b) An Electing County's County Plan shall have at least the following five parts:

(1) Part I. Conditions Within the County;

(2) Part II. Outcomes and Goals for the County;

(3) Part III. Plans to Achieve and Measure the Outcomes and Goals;

(4) Part IV. Administration; and

(5) Part V. Funding Requirements.

(c) Funding requirements shall, at least, identify the amount of a county block grant for Work First Diversion Assistance, a county block grant for Work First Family Assistance, a county block grant for Work First Services, and the county's maintenance of effort contribution. A county may establish a reserve.

(d) Repealed by Session Laws 2009-489, s. 5, effective August 26, 2009.

(e) Each county shall include in its County Plan the following:

(1) Repealed by Session Laws 2009-489, s. 5, effective August 26, 2009.

(2) A description of the county's plans for serving families who need child care, transportation, substance abuse services, and employment support based on the needs of the community and the availability of services and funding;

(3) Repealed by Session Laws 2009-489, s. 5, effective August 26, 2009.

(4) A description of the county's eligibility criteria, benefit calculation, and any other policies adopted by the county relating to eligibility, terms, and conditions for receiving Work First Program assistance, including sanctions, asset and income requirements, time limits and extensions, rewards, exemptions, and exceptions to requirements. If an Electing County Plan proposes to change eligibility requirements, benefits levels, or reduce maintenance of effort, the county shall describe the reasons for these changes and how the county intends to utilize the maintenance of effort savings;

(5) A description of how the county plans to utilize public and private resources to assist in moving persons and families to self-sufficiency; and

(6) Any request to the Department for waivers to rules or any proposals for statutory changes to remove any impediments to implementation of the County's Plan.

(7) The process by which the county will review all Work First caseloads no later than three months prior to expiration of time limitations for receiving cash assistance to:

a. Ensure that time limitations on assistance have been computed correctly.

b. Ensure that the family is informed in writing about public assistance benefits, including child care, Medicaid, and food and nutrition services, for which the family is eligible even while cash assistance is no longer available.

c. Provide for an extension of cash assistance benefits if the family qualifies for an extension.

d. Review family status and assist the family in identifying resources and support the family needs to maintain employment and family stability.

(f) Each county shall provide to the general public an opportunity to review and comment upon its County Plan prior to its submission to the Department.

(g) A county may modify its County Plan once each biennium but not at any other time unless the county notifies the Department of the proposed modification and the Department determines that the proposed modification is consistent with State and federal law and the goals for the Work First Program.

(h) Electing Counties shall have an emergency assistance program for Work First eligible families, as defined in the electing county plan. Counties may establish income eligibility for emergency assistance at or below two hundred percent (200%) of the federal poverty level. (1997-443, s. 12.6; 1999-359, s. 5(b), (c); 2007-97, s. 6; 2007-484, s. 38; 2009-489, s. 5.)