108A-70.40. Percentage processed timely standards.

(a) Percentage processed timely is the percentage of cases that received a timely disposition in a given month. The percentage processed timely is calculated by expressing the number of cases during a given month with a processing time equal to or less than the standard set in G.S. 108A-70.37 as a percentage of the total cases receiving a disposition during that month. When the deadline for meeting the timely decision standard in G.S. 108A-70.37 falls on a weekend or holiday, an application that receives a disposition on the first workday following the deadline shall be considered timely for purposes of calculating the percentage processed timely.

(b) The Department is authorized to adopt rules to establish a percentage standard for each county department of social services that will be the percentage processed timely standard for that county department of social services. Until the Department adopts rules establishing percentage standards for each county, the percentage processed timely standards are those established in 10A NCAC 23C .0203 as of April 2016. (2016-94, s. 12H.17(b).)