114-9.3. Definitions.

The following definitions apply in this Article:

(1) Contingency fee contract. - A contract entered into by a State agency to retain private counsel that contains a contingency fee arrangement, including, but not limited to, pure contingency fee agreements and hybrid agreements, including a contingency fee aspect.

(2) Government attorney. - An attorney employed by the State as a staff attorney in a State agency.

(3) Private attorney. - An attorney in private practice or employed by a private law firm.

(4) State. - The State of North Carolina, including State officers, departments, boards, commissions, divisions, bureaus, councils, and units of organization, however designated, of the executive branch of State government and any of its agents.

(5) State agency. - Every agency, institution, department, bureau, board, or commission of the State of North Carolina authorized by law to retain private counsel. (2014-110, s. 1.1.)