Part 2.  Adult Education.

§ 115C-231.  Adult education programs; tuition; limitation of enrollment of pupils over 21.

(a)        When in the judgment of the State Board of Education a  program of adult education should be established as a part of the public school system and when appropriations have been made therefor,  there shall be organized and administered under the general supervision of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, a course in adult education: Provided, that local boards of education, in their discretion, may institute and support such programs from local funds upon the approval of the State Board of Education.

(b)        Tuition shall be free of charge to every person of the State 18 years of age, or over, who has not completed a standard high school course of study.

(c)        Unless otherwise assigned by the local board of education, all  persons of the district or attendance area who have not completed the prescribed course for graduation in the high school are entitled to attend the schools in the district or attendance area in which they reside: Provided, the superintendent, or the principal with the approval of the superintendent, of the local school administrative unit may, in his discretion, prohibit the enrollment of or remove from school any pupil who has attained the age of 21 years. (1955, c. 1372, art. 1, s. 1; art. 19, s. 3; art. 23, s. 2; 1963, c. 448, s. 24; 1971, c. 153; c. 704, s. 1; c. 1231, s. 1; 1981, c. 423, s. 1.)