115C-234.15. Remote academy approval process.

(a) Each local board of education seeking to offer a remote academy shall submit to the State Board of Education for approval a plan that provides for the following:

(1) The range of grades for which the remote academy will offer courses.

(2) The method by which the remote academy will monitor calendar compliance, enrollment, daily attendance, course credit accrual, progress toward graduation, and course completion.

(3) Hardware, software, and learning management platforms that support online learning.

(4) The measures used to ensure that both synchronous and asynchronous remote instruction time, practice, and application components support learning growth that continues towards mastery of the standard course of study.

(5) The professional development that will be provided to those teaching in the remote academy related to the pedagogy of providing remote instruction.

(6) The identified characteristics for successful remote learning and criteria for admission to the remote academy. The governing body shall identify the means by which information will be communicated to the parents and legal guardians of prospective applicants and current enrollees about the remote academy and those characteristics and criteria to allow for informed decisions about enrollment.

(7) Any school nutrition services or transportation services that will be provided to students.

(b) The State Board of Education shall review and approve a plan submitted by a local board of education for the creation of a remote academy that meets the requirements established in this Part for a term of five years. (2022-59, s. 2(a); 2022-74, s. 7.13(c).)