115C-234.20. Operation and renewal of remote academies.

(a) Each approved remote academy shall adhere to the plan submitted to and approved by the State Board of Education unless the local board of education obtains in writing approval for plan modifications from the State Board of Education.

(b) Each approved remote academy shall receive a school code. A remote academy in a local school administrative unit with less than 100 students in final average daily membership is not entitled to 12 months of employment for a principal.

(c) A local board of education may apply for renewal of approval as a remote academy for additional terms of five years. The State Board shall consider compliance with the requirements of this Part and success of the remote academy in the prior five years in determining whether to approve a request for renewal of a remote academy. (2022-59, s. 2(a); 2022-74, s. 7.13(c).)