115C-238.67. Student admissions and assignment.

(a) Residency Requirement. - A student shall be domiciled in a participating unit to be eligible to attend the regional school. A student's eligibility to remain enrolled in the regional school shall terminate at the end of any school year during which a student ceases to satisfy the residency requirements.

(b) Participating Unit Allotments. - The number of student seats in the freshman class of the regional school shall be assigned proportionate to the total student population of the participating units, as determined by the participating unit's final average daily membership in the preceding school year. If fewer students residing in a participating unit elect to attend the regional school than available allotted seats, the remaining seats shall be divided proportionally among the other participating units.

(c) Admissions Criteria. - The board of directors shall establish criteria, standards, and procedures for admission of students. The admission criteria may give priority to first generation students and shall include the following:

(1) Demonstrated academic achievement.

(2) Demonstrated student interest in attendance.

(3) Documented parental support for student attendance.

(d) Lottery. - If the number of eligible students meeting the board of directors' admission criteria exceeds the seats available through the participating unit allotment, students shall be accepted by lot. (2011-241, s. 1.)