115C-270.30. Licensure renewal.

(a) Licensure Renewal. - The State Board shall adopt rules establishing the requirements for renewal of all professional educator licenses. These requirements shall reflect rigorous standards for continuing licensure and shall be aligned with high-quality professional development programs that reflect State priorities for improving student achievement.

(b) Teacher Licensure Renewal. - Rules for continuing licensure for teachers shall include the following:

(1) For all teachers, at least eight continuing education credits with at least three credits required in a teacher's academic subject area.

(2) For elementary school teachers, at least three continuing education credits related to literacy. Literacy renewal credits shall include evidence-based assessment, diagnosis, and intervention strategies for students not demonstrating reading proficiency, grounded in the Science of Reading, as defined in G.S. 115C-83.3.

(3) Repealed by Session Laws 2019-71, s. 4.3, effective July 1, 2019.

(4) For all teachers employed by a local board of education, evidence of a rating of at least proficient on the most recent annual evaluation to maintain the current license status. A teacher who is unable to satisfy this requirement but has been placed on a mandatory improvement plan may be eligible to receive an IPL if that teacher satisfies all other licensure requirements.

(5) A member of the General Assembly is exempt from the continuing education credit requirements for teachers during any five-year licensure renewal cycle in which the member serves a term or some portion thereof in the General Assembly as long as the member notifies the Department of Public Instruction of the exemption during that five-year licensure renewal cycle.

(c) License Renewal Rules Review. - The rules for licensure renewal shall be reviewed at least once every five years by the State Board to do the following:

(1) Reevaluate and enhance the requirements for renewal of professional educator licenses.

(2) Consider modifications in the license renewal achievement to make it a mechanism for professional educators to renew continually their knowledge and professional skills.

(3) Integrate digital teaching and learning into the requirements for licensure renewal. (2017-189, s. 3(c); 2019-71, s. 4.3; 2021-8, s. 3(b).)