130A-131.15A. Department to establish program.

(a) The Department shall establish and administer Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiatives. The Department shall establish initiatives for primary prevention, secondary prevention, and special projects.

(b) The Commission shall adopt rules necessary to implement this section. The rules shall include a maximum annual funding level for initiatives and a requirement for local match.

(c) Initiatives shall be funded in accordance with selection criteria established by the Commission. In funding initiatives, the Department shall target counties with the highest teen pregnancy rates, increasingly higher rates, high rates within demographic subgroups, or greatest need for parenting programs. Grants shall be awarded on an annual basis.

(d) Initiatives shall be funded on a four-year funding cycle. The Department may end funding prior to the end of the four-year period if programmatic requirements and performance standards are not met. At the end of four years of funding, a local initiative shall be eligible to reapply for funding.

(e) Administrative costs in implementing this section shall not exceed ten percent (10%) of the total funds administered pursuant to this section.

(f) Programs are not required to provide a cash match for these funds; however, the Department may require an in-kind match.

(g) The Department shall periodically evaluate the effectiveness of teen pregnancy prevention programs.

(h) The Department's use of State funds for initiatives and projects authorized under this section shall not include the allocation of funds to renew or extend existing contracts or enter into new contracts for the provision of family planning services, pregnancy prevention activities, or adolescent parenting programs with any provider that performs abortions. (2001-424, s. 21.89(c); 2015-265, s. 3.)