130A-131.32. Program development.

(a) The Department shall develop a process, to be administered on its Internet Web site, for an out-of-school time program to be recognized as a program that meets the HEPA Standards as outlined in this section. The Web site shall include all resources and links that an out-of-school time program may use to meet the requirements of this section. Programs being recognized shall demonstrate consistency and implementation of HEPA standards.

(b) The Department shall develop and implement a process for providing minimal verification of self-assessments submitted by out-of-school time programs applying for recognition, which may include a site visit or other form of review. At a minimum, the Department shall review a random sample of program self-assessments within 30 to 60 days of receipt of the assessments.

(c) Periodically, or at least once every five years, the Department shall review, and if necessary, revise and update the program standards to reflect advancements in nutrition science, dietary data, and physical activity standards to ensure consistency with nationally recognized guidelines for out-of-school time programs. (2016-94, s. 12E.2(c).)