130A-309.16. Public education program regarding used oil collection and recycling.

The Department shall conduct a public education program to inform the public of the needs for and benefits of collecting and recycling used oil and shall:

(1) Encourage persons who annually sell at retail, in containers for use off the premises, more than 500 gallons of oil to provide the purchasers with information on the locations of collection facilities and information on proper disposal practices.

(2) Establish, maintain, and publicize a used oil information center that disperses materials or information explaining local, State, and federal laws and rules governing used oil and informing the public of places and methods for proper disposal of used oil.

(3) Encourage the voluntary establishment of used oil collection and recycling programs and provide technical assistance to persons who organize such programs.

(4) Encourage the procurement of recycled automotive, industrial, and fuel oils and oils blended with recycled oils for all State and local government uses. Recycled oils procured under this section shall meet equipment manufacturer's specifications. (1989, c. 784, s. 2.)