130A-309.22. Grants to local governments.

(a) The Department shall develop a grants program for units of local government to encourage the collection, reuse, and proper disposal of used oil. No grant may be made for any project unless the project is approved by the Department.

(b) The Department shall consider for grant assistance any unit of local government project that uses one or more of the following programs or any activity that the Department feels will reduce the improper disposal and reuse of used oil:

(1) Curbside pickup of used oil containers by a unit of local government or its designee.

(2) Retrofitting of solid waste equipment to promote curbside pickup or disposal of used oil at used oil collection centers designated by the unit of local government.

(3) Establishment of publicly operated used oil collection centers at landfills or other public places.

(4) Providing containers and other materials and supplies that the public can utilize in an environmentally sound manner to store used oil for pickup or return to a used oil collection center.

(5) Providing incentives for the establishment of privately operated public used oil collection centers.

(c) Eligible projects shall be funded according to provisions established by the Department; however, no grant may exceed twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000).

(d) The Department shall initiate rule making on or before 1 January 1991, necessary to carry out the purposes of this section. (1989, c. 784, s. 2.)