130A-33.51. Advisory Committee on Cancer Coordination and Control; responsibilities.

(a) The Advisory Committee on Cancer Coordination and Control has the following responsibilities:

(1) To recommend to the Secretary a plan for the statewide implementation of an interagency comprehensive coordinated cancer control program;

(2) To identify and examine the limitations and problems associated with existing laws, regulations, programs, and services related to cancer control;

(3) To examine the financing and access to cancer control services for North Carolina's citizens, and advise the Secretary on a coordinated and efficient use of resources;

(4) To identify and review health promotion and disease prevention strategies relating to the leading causes of cancer mortality and morbidity;

(5) To recommend standards for:

a. Oversight and development of cancer control services;

b. Development and maintenance of interagency training and technical assistance in the provision of cancer control services;

c. Program monitoring and data collection;

d. Statewide evaluation of locally based cancer control programs;

e. Coordination of funding sources for cancer control programs; and

f. Procedures for awarding grants to local agencies providing cancer control services.

(b) The Committee shall submit a written report not later than May 1, 1994, and not later than October 1 of each subsequent year, to the Secretary. The report shall address the progress in implementation of a cancer control program. The report shall include an accounting of funds expended and anticipated funding needs for full implementation of recommended programs. (1993, c. 321, s. 288; 2013-360, s. 12A.9.)