130A-64. Service charges and rates.

(a) A sanitary district board shall apply service charges and rates based upon the exact benefits derived. These service charges and rates shall be sufficient to provide funds for the maintenance, adequate depreciation and operation of the work of the district. If reasonable, the service charges and rates may include an amount sufficient to pay the principal and interest maturing on the outstanding bonds and, to the extent not otherwise provided for, bond anticipation notes of the district. Any surplus from operating revenues shall be set aside as a separate fund to be applied to the payment of interest on or to the retirement of bonds or bond anticipation notes. The sanitary district board may modify and adjust these service charges and rates.

(b) The district board may require system development fees only in accordance with Article 8 of Chapter 162A of the General Statutes. (1927, c. 100, s. 20; 1933, c. 8, s. 5; 1957, c. 1357, s. 1; 1965, c. 496, s. 4; 1983, c. 891, s. 2; 2017-138, s. 2.)