131D-2.3. Exemptions from licensure.

The following are excluded from this Article and are not required to be registered or obtain licensure under this Article:

(1) Facilities licensed under Chapter 122C or Chapter 131E of the General Statutes;

(2) Persons subject to rules of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services;

(3) Facilities that care for no more than four persons, all of whom are under the supervision of the United States Veterans Administration;

(4) Facilities that make no charges for housing, amenities, or personal care service, either directly or indirectly; and

(5) Institutions that are maintained or operated by a unit of government and that were established, maintained, or operated by a unit of government and exempt from licensure by the Department on September 30, 1995. (2009-462, s. 1(e).)