138-2. Payment of fees; when to be paid in advance.

All public officers shall receive the fees prescribed for them respectively, from the persons for whom, or at whose instance, the service shall be performed, except persons suing as paupers, and no officer shall be compelled to perform any service, unless his fee be paid or tendered, except in criminal actions. The said officers shall receive no extra allowance or other compensation whatever, unless the same shall be expressly authorized by statute. In case the service shall be ordered by any proper officer of the State, or of a county, for the benefit of the State or county, the fees need not be paid in advance; but if for the State, shall be paid by the State, as other claims against it are; if for a county, by the board of commissioners, out of the county funds. The fees in criminal cases are not demandable in advance. (Code, ss. 1173, 3758; Rev., s. 2804; C.S., s. 3849.)