15A-266.7. Procedures for conducting DNA analysis of DNA sample.

(a) The Crime Laboratory shall:

(1) Adopt procedures to be used in the collection, security, submission, identification, analysis, and storage of DNA samples and typing results of DNA samples submitted under this Article. These procedures shall also include quality assurance guidelines to insure that DNA identification records meet audit standards for laboratories which submit DNA records to the State DNA Database.

(2) Adopt Quality Assurance Guidelines for DNA Testing Laboratories and DNA Databasing Laboratories that meet or exceed the quality assurance guidelines established for such laboratories by the CODIS unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

(b) DNA samples shall be securely stored in the State DNA Databank. The typing results shall be securely stored in the State DNA Database.

(c) Records of testing shall be retained on file at the Crime Laboratory. (1993, c. 401, s. 1; 2010-94, s. 8; 2013-360, s. 17.6(f).)