15B-16. Manner of payment; non-assignability and exemptions.

(a) The Director shall pay award payments directly to the service provider on behalf of the claimant. Eligible out-of-pocket costs borne by the claimant shall be paid directly to the victim only if such costs can be documented and verified.

(b) Upon request of the claimant, future economic loss, other than allowable expense, may be commuted to a lump sum only on a finding that:

(1) The award in a lump sum will promote the interests of the claimant; or

(2) The present value of all future economic loss other than allowable expense does not exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000).

(c) An award for future economic loss payable in installments may be made only for a period as to which future economic loss can reasonably be determined. An award for future economic loss payable in installments may be reconsidered and modified upon a finding that a material and substantial change of circumstances has occurred.

(d) An order on reconsideration of an award may not require refund of amounts previously paid unless the award was obtained by fraud.

(e) The Director, even after an award made by the Commission, may negotiate with any service provider in order to obtain a reduction of the amount claimed by the provider in exchange for a full release of any claim against a claimant. (1983, c. 832, s. 1; 1987, c. 819, s. 26; 1989, c. 679, s. 6; 1991, c. 301, s. 1; 2004-159, s.1.)