15B-18. Subrogation by State.

(a) If compensation is awarded, the Crime Victims Compensation Fund is subrogated to all the claimant's rights to receive or recover benefits or advantages for economic loss from a source that is, or if readily available to the victim or claimant would be, a collateral source, to the extent of the compensation awarded.

(b) The Crime Victims Compensation Fund is an eligible recipient for restitution under G.S. 15A-1021, 15A-1343, 148-33.1, 148-33.2, 148-57.1, and any other applicable statutes.

(c) As a prerequisite to bringing an action to recover damages related to criminally injurious conduct for which compensation is claimed or awarded, the claimant shall give the Commission prior written notice of the proposed action. After receiving the notice the Commission shall immediately notify the Attorney General who shall promptly:

(1) Join in the action as a party plaintiff to recover compensation awarded;

(2) Require that the claimant bring the action in his individual name as a trustee in behalf of the State to recover compensation awarded; or

(3) Reserve its rights and do neither in the proposed action. If, as requested by the Attorney General, the claimant brings the action as trustee and recovers compensation awarded from the Crime Victims Compensation Fund, he may deduct from the compensation recovered in behalf of the State the reasonable expenses, including attorney fees, allocable by the court for that recovery.

(d) If a judgment or verdict separately indicates economic loss and noneconomic detriment, payments on the judgment shall be allocated between them in proportion to the amounts indicated. In an action in a court of this State arising out of criminally injurious conduct, the judge, on timely motion, shall direct the jury to return a special verdict, indicating separately the awards for noneconomic detriment, punitive damages, and economic loss.

(e) Any funds recovered by the Crime Victims Compensation Fund pursuant to this section shall be paid to the general fund.

(f) The Director may pursue any claim of the Crime Victim's Compensation Fund or the Commission set forth in this Article. At the request of the Director, or otherwise, the Attorney General is authorized to assert the rights of the Crime Victim's Compensation Fund or Commission before any administrative or judicial tribunal for purposes of enforcing a claim or right set forth in this Article. (1983, c. 832, s. 1; 1987, c. 819, s. 27; 1989, c. 679, s. 6; 1991, c. 301, s. 1; 2004-159, s. 1.)