160D-1007. Vesting.

(a) Unless the development agreement specifically provides for the application of subsequently enacted laws, the laws applicable to development of the property subject to a development agreement are those in force at the time of execution of the agreement.

(b) Except for grounds specified in G.S. 160D-108(c) or G.S. 160D-108.1(f), a local government may not apply subsequently adopted ordinances or development policies to a development that is subject to a development agreement.

(c) In the event State or federal law is changed after a development agreement has been entered into and the change prevents or precludes compliance with one or more provisions of the development agreement, the local government may modify the affected provisions, upon a finding that the change in State or federal law has a fundamental effect on the development agreement.

(d) This section does not abrogate any vested rights otherwise preserved by law. (2019-111, s. 2.4; 2020-3, s. 4.33(a); 2020-25, ss. 27, 51(a), (b), (d).)