163-130. Satellite voting places.

A county board of elections by unanimous vote may, upon approval of a request submitted in writing to the State Board of Elections, establish a plan whereby elderly or disabled voters in a precinct may vote at designated sites within the precinct other than the regular voting place for that precinct. Any approval under this section is only effective for one year and shall be annually reviewed for extension. The State Board of Elections shall approve a county board's proposed plan if:

(1) All the satellite voting places to be used are listed in the county's written request;

(2) The plan will in the State Board's judgment overcome a barrier to voting by the elderly or disabled;

(3) Adequate security against fraud is provided for; and

(4) The plan does not unfairly favor or disfavor voters with regard to race or party affiliation. (1991 (Reg. Sess., 1992), c. 1032, s. 10; 2013-381, s. 26.1(a); 2017-6, s. 3; 2018-146, s. 3.1(a), (b).)