163-31. Meetings of county boards of elections; quorum; minutes.

(a) In each county of the State the members of the county board of elections shall meet at the courthouse or board office at noon on the Tuesday following the third Monday in July in the year of their appointment and, after taking the oath of office provided in G.S. 163-30, they shall organize by electing one member secretary of the county board of elections.

(b) On the Tuesday following the third Monday in August of the year in which they are appointed the county board of elections shall meet and appoint precinct chief judges and judges of elections.

(c) The board may hold other meetings at such times as the chair of the board, or any three members thereof, may direct, for the performance of duties prescribed by law.

(d) A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of board business. The chair shall notify, or cause to be notified, all members regarding every meeting to be held by the board.

(e) The county board of elections shall keep minutes recording all proceedings and findings at each of its meetings. The minutes shall be recorded in a book which shall be kept in the board office and it shall be the responsibility of the secretary, elected by the board, to keep the required minute book current and accurate. The secretary of the board may designate the director of elections to record and maintain the minutes under the secretary's supervision. (1901, c. 89, s. 11; Rev., ss. 4304, 4306; C.S., ss. 5925, 5927; 1921, c. 181, s. 2; 1923, c. 111, s. 1; 1927, c. 260, s. 1; 1933, c. 165, s. 2; 1941, c. 305, s. 1; 1945, c. 758, s. 2; 1953, c. 410, s. 1; c. 1191, s. 2; 1957, c. 182, s. 1; 1959, c. 1203, s. 1; 1966, Ex. Sess., c. 5, s. 2; 1967, c. 775, s. 1; 1969, c. 208, s. 2; 1975, c. 159, s. 2; 1977, c. 626; 1983, c. 617, s. 3; 1993 (Reg. Sess., 1994), c. 762, s. 13; 1995, c. 243, s. 1; 2016-125, 4th Ex. Sess., s. 5(i); 2017-6, ss. 2, 3, 7(i); 2018-146, ss. 3.1(a), (b), 4.3(b).)