163-41.1. Certain relatives prohibited from serving together.

(a) The following categories of relatives are prohibited from serving as precinct officials of the same precinct: spouse, child, spouse of a child, sister or brother.

(b) No precinct official who is the wife, husband, mother, father, son, daughter, brother or sister of any candidate for nomination or election may serve as precinct official during any primary or election in which such candidate participates. The county board of elections shall temporarily disqualify any such official for the specific primary or election involved and shall have authority to appoint a substitute official, from the same political party, to serve only during the primary or election at which such conflict exists. (1975, c. 745; 1979, c. 411, s. 2; 2017-6, s. 3; 2018-146, s. 3.1(a), (b).)