1C-1852. Applicability; saving clause.

(a) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (b) of this section, this Article applies to a foreign-country judgment to the extent that the judgment:

(1) Grants or denies recovery of a sum of money; and

(2) Under the law of the foreign country where rendered, is final, conclusive, and enforceable.

(b) This Article does not apply to a foreign-country judgment, even if the judgment grants or denies recovery of a sum of money, to the extent that the judgment is:

(1) A judgment for taxes;

(2) A fine or other penalty; or

(3) A judgment for alimony, support, or maintenance in matrimonial or family matters.

(c) A party seeking recognition of a foreign-country judgment has the burden of establishing that this Article applies to the foreign-country judgment.

(d) This Article does not prevent the recognition under principles of comity or otherwise of a foreign-country judgment to which this Article does not apply. (2009-325, s. 2.)