Chapter 25C.

Sales of Artwork.

Article 1.

Artwork on Consignment.

25C-1. Definitions.

As used in this Article unless the context clearly requires otherwise:

(1) "Art dealer" means an individual, partnership, firm, association, or corporation that undertakes to sell a work of fine art created by someone else;

(2) "Artist" means the creator of a work of fine art;

(3) "On consignment" means delivered to an art dealer for the purpose of sale or exhibition, or both, to the public by the art dealer; and

(4) "Work of fine art" means an original art work that is:

a. A visual rendition, including a painting, drawing, sculpture, mosaic, or photograph;

b. A work of calligraphy;

c. A work of graphic art, including an etching, lithograph, offset print, or silk screen;

d. A craft work in materials, including clay, textile, fiber, wood, metal, plastic, or glass; or

e. A work in mixed media, including a collage or a work consisting of any combination of works included in this subdivision. (1983, c. 822, s. 1; 1989, c. 464.)