25C-14. Disclosure requirements.

(a) An art dealer who sells or offers to sell a print not exempt under G.S. 25C-16, shall disclose the following information in a writing to the prospective purchaser:

(1) The name of the artist;

(2) The year the plate or negative was created;

(3) The year when the print was printed or created;

(4) The process used to create the master image;

(5) The process used to create the print;

(6) Whether the print is part of a limited edition.

(b) If the print or its plate or negative is a mechanical, photomechanical or photographic copy or reproduction of a master image previously created or produced in another medium, this information shall be disclosed as part of the disclosure required by subsection (a) of this section.

(c) If the print is represented to be part of a limited edition, the disclosure required by subsections (a) and (b) of this section shall further state:

(1) The authorized maximum number of numbered or signed prints, or both, in the edition;

(2) The authorized maximum number of unnumbered or unsigned prints, or both, in the edition;

(3) Any authorized maximum number of artist's, publisher's, printer's, or other proofs, exclusive of trial proofs, outside the regular edition;

(4) The total number of prints, either numbered or unnumbered, in the edition;

(5) Whether the plate or negative has been destroyed, effaced, altered, defaced, or cancelled after the current edition;

(6) If there were any prior plates or negatives of the same master image, the total number of plates or negatives and a designation of the plate or negative from which the print was taken;

(7) If there were any prior or later editions from the same plate or negative, the series number of the edition of which the print is a part, and the aggregate size of all other editions;

(8) Whether the print was published as a book illustration or in a magazine article;

(9) Whether the edition is a posthumous edition or a restrike, and, if it is, whether the plate has been reworked;

(10) The name of any workshop where the edition was printed; and

(11) Whether the print has been printed on acid-free paper.

(d) Whenever an art dealer disclaims knowledge as to a particular item about which information is required, such disclaimer shall be clearly and conspicuously stated in unqualified terms as to each of those items of information required by this section and shall be contained in writing in the physical context of other language setting forth the required information to be disclosed under this section. (1989, c. 464, s. 1.)