26-3. Summary remedy of surety against principal.

Any person who may have paid money for and on account of those for whom he became surety, upon producing to the clerk of superior court, a receipt, and showing that an execution has issued, and he has satisfied the same, and making it appear by sufficient testimony that he has expended any sum of money as the surety of such person, may move the clerk for judgment against his principal for the amount which he has actually paid; a citation having previously issued against the principal to show cause why execution should not be awarded; and should the principal not show sufficient cause, the clerk shall award execution against the principal. (1797, c. 487, s. 1, P.R.; R.C., c. 110, s. 1; Code, s. 2093; Rev., s. 2842; C.S., s. 3963; 1973, c. 108, s. 15.)