Article 6.

Compensation of Trustees and Other Fiduciaries.

32-53. Definitions.

The following definitions apply in this Article:

(1) Legal disability. - A person under a legal disability is a person who is a minor, incompetent, or unborn individual, or whose identity or location is unknown.

(2) Qualified beneficiary. - As defined in G.S. 36C-1-103(15). With respect to a charitable trust defined in G.S. 36C-1-103(4), the term includes (i) a charitable organization described in G.S. 36C-1-110 as having the rights of a qualified beneficiary; or (ii) if there is no such charitable organization, the Attorney General.

(3) Representative. - A person who may represent and bind another as provided in Article 3 of Chapter 36C of the General Statutes, the provisions of which shall apply for purposes of this Article.

(4) Trust. - A trust to which Chapter 36C of the General Statutes applies as provided in G.S. 36C-1-102. (2004-139, s. 2; 2007-106, s. 38.)