47E-6. Owner liability for disclosure of information provided by others.

With the exception of the disclosures required by G.S. 47E-4.1, the owner may discharge the duty to disclose imposed by this Chapter by providing a written report attached to the residential property disclosure statement and the owners' association and mandatory covenants disclosure statement by a public agency or by an attorney, engineer, land surveyor, geologist, pest control operator, contractor, home inspector or other expert, dealing with matters within the scope of the public agency's functions or the expert's license or expertise. The owner shall not be liable for any error, inaccuracy, or omission of any information delivered pursuant to this section if the error, inaccuracy, or omission was made in reasonable reliance upon the information provided by the public agency or expert and the owner was not grossly negligent in obtaining the information or transmitting it. (1995, c. 476, s. 1; 1997-472, s. 3; 2011-362, s. 3(d); 2014-120, s. 49(a).)