48A-12. No disaffirmance if approved by superior court.

(a) A contract, otherwise valid, of a type described in G.S. 48A-11, entered into during minority, cannot be disaffirmed on that ground either during the minority of the person entering into the contract, or at any time thereafter, if the contract has been approved by the superior court in any county in which the minor resides or is employed or in which any party to the contract has its principal office in this State for the transaction of business.

(b) Approval of the court may be given on petition of any party to the contract, after reasonable notice to all other parties to the contract as is fixed by the court, with opportunity to the other parties to appear and be heard.

(c) Approval of the court given under this section extends to the whole of the contract and all of its terms and provisions, including, but not limited to, any optional or conditional provisions contained in the contract for extension, prolongation, or termination of the term of the contract.

(d) For the purposes of any proceeding under this Article, a parent or legal guardian, as the case may be, entitled to the physical custody, care, and control of the minor at the time of the proceeding shall be considered the minor's guardian ad litem for the proceeding, unless the court shall determine that appointment of a different individual as guardian ad litem is required in the best interests of the minor. (2003-207, s. 2.)