§ 54-109.19.  Removal of officers.

(a)        The Administrator of Credit Unions shall have the right and is hereby empowered to serve a written notice of his intention to remove from office any officer, director, committeeman or employee of any credit union doing business under Articles 14A through 15A of this Chapter who shall be found to be dishonest, incompetent, or reckless in the management of the affairs of the credit union, or who persistently violates the laws of this State or the lawful orders, instructions and regulations issued by the Administrator and/or the State Credit Union Commission.

(b)        A notice of intention to remove a director, officer, committee  member or employee from office shall contain a statement of the alleged facts constituting the grounds therefor and shall fix a time and place at which a hearing before the Credit Union Commission will be held thereon. Such hearing shall be fixed for a date not earlier than 30 days nor later than 60 days after the date of service of such notice unless an earlier or a later date is set by the Commission at the request of such director, officer, committee member or employee and for good cause shown. Pending this hearing, the Administrator may remove the alleged violator if he finds that it is essential to the continued well-being of the credit union or the public to do so. Unless, of course, such director, officer, committee member or employee shall appear at the hearing in person or by a duly authorized representative, he shall be deemed to have consented to the issuance of an order of such removal. In the event of such consent, or if upon  the record made at any such hearing the Credit Union Commission shall  find that any of the grounds specified in such notice has been determined by the greater weight of the evidence, the Commission may issue such orders of removal from office as it may deem appropriate. Any such order shall become effective at the expiration of 30 days after service upon such credit union and the director, officer, committee member or employee concerned (except in the case of an order issued upon consent, which shall become effective at the time specified therein). Such order shall remain effective and enforceable  except to such extent as it is stayed, modified, terminated or set aside by action of the Credit Union Commission or a reviewing court. (1979, c. 197, s. 1.)