54-109.62A. Powers of attorney; notice of revocation; payment after notice.

(a) Any credit union may continue to recognize any act of an attorney-in-fact or other agent until the credit union receives actual notice of the principal's death or a written notice of revocation signed by the principal who granted the authority or, in the case of a company, evidence satisfactory to the credit union of the revocation. Payment by the credit union to or at the direction of an attorney-in-fact or other agent before receipt of the notice is a total discharge of the credit union's obligation as to the amount so paid.

(b) Notwithstanding that a credit union has received written notice of revocation of the authority of an attorney-in-fact or other designated agent, a credit union may, until 10 days after receipt of notice, pay any item made, drawn, accepted, or endorsed by the attorney-in-fact or agent prior to the revocation, provided that the item is otherwise properly payable. (2013-132, s. 3.)