54-125. Amendment of articles.

The association may amend its articles of incorporation by a majority vote of its shareholders at any regular shareholders' meeting, or any special shareholders' meeting called for that purpose, on 10 days' notice to the shareholders. The power to amend shall include the power to increase or diminish the amount of capital stock and the number of shares: Provided, the amount of the capital stock shall not be diminished below the amount of the paid-up capital at the time the amendment is adopted. Within 30 days after the adoption of an amendment to its articles of incorporation, an association shall cause a copy of such amendment adopted to be recorded in the office of the Secretary of State and of the register of deeds of the county where the principal place of business is located. (1915, c. 144, s. 7; C.S., s. 5256; 1967, c. 823, s. 14.)