54-155. Interest in other corporations or associations.

An association may organize, form, operate, own, control, have interest in, own stock of, or be a member of any other corporation or corporations, with or without capital stock, and engaged in preserving, drying, processing, canning, packing, storing, handling, shipping, utilizing, manufacturing, marketing, or selling of the agricultural products handled by the association, or the by-products thereof. If such corporations are warehousing corporations, they may issue legal warehouse receipts to the association, or to any other person, and such legal warehouse receipts shall be considered as adequate collateral to the extent of the current value of the commodity represented thereby. In case such warehouse is licensed or licensed and bonded under the laws of this State or the United States, its warehouse receipt shall not be challenged or discriminated against because of ownership or control, wholly or in part, by the association. (1921, c. 87, s. 22; C.S., s. 5259(bb).)