§ 54-53.  Corporate powers.

Said land mortgage association shall have power:

(1)        To make loans, the conditions of which shall be approved by the Commissioner of Banks if the security taken therefor is to be used as the basis for a bond issue under subdivision (3) hereof, and to accept as security for any such loan a first mortgage upon improved or partially improved agricultural lands within this State. Such loan shall not exceed, however, sixty-five percent (65%) of the value of such real estate so conveyed, according to the appraisal made as herein provided.

(2)        To purchase first mortgages, heretofore or hereafter issued against North Carolina agricultural lands, either improved or partially improved, from persons or firms resident of this State or corporations organized under the laws of this State engaged in the colonization or settlement of North Carolina lands and to whom such mortgages were issued, if, after investigation, the plan of settlement or colonization followed by such person, firm or corporation is approved by the Commissioner of Agriculture as beneficial to the settler or colonist, and if the lands against which such mortgages are issued are found by the said Commissioner to be in fact agricultural lands suitable for agricultural purposes and the terms and conditions of the loans made by such person, firm or corporation are just and reasonable, or from banks or trust companies organized under the laws of this State, or of the United States, to do business in this State, to which such mortgages were issued direct by the borrowers. Each such mortgage shall be payable on the amortization plan maturing in not less than 20 years. The request for an investigation leading to such a purchase of mortgages from persons, firms or corporations engaged in the settlement or colonization of North Carolina lands shall be accompanied by a deposit, the amount of such deposit to be determined by the Commissioner of Agriculture. Upon completion of the investigation the Commissioner of Agriculture shall render a statement of expense accompanied by a remittance of any unused balance of such deposit, but no mortgage shall be purchased until the lands against which the same is issued have been appraised as hereinafter provided for the appraisal of land for a loan by the land mortgage association and such mortgage is approved by all members of the loan committee.

(3)        To issue bonds secured by the pledge of the mortgage so taken or purchased.

(4)        To pledge the note and mortgages so taken or purchased under  the provisions of subdivisions (1) and (2) hereof as security for the bonds of the land mortgage association referred to in subdivision (3) hereof. (1925, c. 223, s. 5; 1931, c. 243, s. 5.)