54C-14. Grounds for approval or denial of application.

(a) After consideration of the findings, recommendations, and any oral testimony of the Commissioner of Banks, and the consideration of any other information and evidence, either written or oral, as has come before it at the public hearing, the Commission shall approve or disapprove the application within 30 days after the public hearing. The Commission shall approve the application if it finds that the certificate of incorporation is in compliance with G.S. 54C-10 and that there is compliance with all the criteria set out in G.S. 54C-12, the remainder of this Chapter, rules, and the General Statutes.

(b) If the Commission approves the application, the Commissioner of Banks shall notify the Secretary of State with a certificate of approval, accompanied by the original of the certificate of incorporation and the two conformed copies.

(c) Upon receipt of the certificate of approval, the original of the certificate of incorporation, and the two conformed copies and upon the payment by the newly chartered savings bank of the appropriate organization tax and fees, the Secretary of State shall file the certificate of incorporation in accordance with G.S. 55-1-20. The Secretary of State shall certify, under official seal, the two conformed copies of the certificate of incorporation, one of which shall be forwarded immediately to the original incorporators or their representatives, the other of which shall be forwarded to the office of the Commissioner of Banks for filing. Upon the recordation of the certificate of incorporation by the Secretary of State, the savings bank is a body politic and corporate under the name stated in the certificate, and may begin the savings bank business when duly licensed by the Commissioner of Banks.

(d) The certificate of incorporation, or a copy, duly certified by the Secretary of State, by the register of deeds of the county where the savings bank is located, or by the Commissioner of Banks, under their respective seals, is evidence in all courts and places, and is, in all judicial proceedings, deemed prima facie evidence of the complete organization and incorporation of the savings bank purporting thereby to have been established.

(e) After approval of the application, the Commissioner of Banks shall supervise and monitor the organization process. The Commissioner of Banks shall ensure that sufficient pledges for deposit accounts or subscriptions for capital stock as well as insurance of deposit accounts have been secured by the organizers. (1991, c. 680, s. 1; 2001-193, s. 16.)