54C-60. Confidential information.

(a) The following records or information of the Commission, the Commissioner of Banks, or the agent of either shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed:

(1) Information obtained or compiled in preparation of or anticipation of, or during an examination, audit, or investigation of any association;

(2) Information reflecting the specific collateral given by a named borrower, the specific amount of stock owned by a named stockholder, any stockholder list supplied to the Commissioner of Banks under G.S. 54C-22, or specific deposit accounts held by a named member or customer;

(3) Information obtained, prepared, or compiled during or as a result of an examination, audit, or investigation of any savings bank by an agency of the United States, if the records would be confidential under federal law or regulation;

(4) Information and reports submitted by savings banks to federal regulatory agencies, if the records or information would be confidential under federal law or regulation;

(5) Information and records regarding complaints from the public received by the Division that concern savings banks when the complaint would or could result in an investigation, except to the management of those savings banks; and

(6) Any other letters, reports, memoranda, recordings, charts or other documents or records that would disclose any information of which disclosure is prohibited in this subsection.

(b) A court of competent jurisdiction may order the disclosure of specific information.

(c) The information contained in an application is deemed to be public information. Disclosure shall not extend to the financial statement of the incorporators nor to any further information deemed by the Commissioner of Banks to be confidential.

(d) Nothing in this section shall prevent the exchange of information relating to savings banks and the business thereof with the representatives of the agencies of this State, other states, or of the United States, or with reserve or insuring agencies for savings banks. The private business and affairs of an individual or company shall not be disclosed by any person employed by the Division, any member of the Commission, or by any person with whom information is exchanged under the authority of this subsection.

(e) An official or employee of this State violating this section is liable to any person injured by disclosure of the confidential information for all damages sustained thereby. Penalties provided are not exclusive of other penalties. (1991, c. 680, s. 1; 2001-193, s. 16.)