Part 7. Miscellaneous.

55A-1-70. Electronic transactions.

(a) A corporation may conduct a transaction by electronic means, except as limited by its articles of incorporation or bylaws or by action of its board of directors.

(b) Members who wish to communicate and conduct business with a corporation by electronic means shall first designate the email address to be used for communication and business between the member and the corporation and shall provide any other information required by the corporation to facilitate communication and business conducted between the member and the corporation. The corporation shall inform the members on how to designate an email address, of any additional information the corporation requires and how to provide it, and on how to update an email address and other required information previously provided.

(c) For purposes of applying Article 40 of Chapter 66 of the General Statutes to transactions under this Chapter, a corporation that conducts an electronic transaction in accordance with this section is deemed to have agreed to conduct the transaction by electronic means. (2008-37, s. 3; 2021-162, s. 2(c).)